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The Swaziland Solidarity Network proudly welcomes the formation of the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS). The party was officially launched on the 9th of April 2011 at kaMhlusha, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

It comes at a time when ideological clarity and unity is urgently required in the mass movement for democracy in the country. The party has its ideology rooted in Marxist Leninist principles and is working towards creating a socialist Swaziland. It has made is clear that it does not need the monarchy “reformed or dressed in democratic trappings to appease the liberal sensibilities of any interest group or the international community.”

*The CPS campaigns for :*

· The unbanning of all parties and organisations, and institution of an interim government drawn from all parties, organisations, churches and trade unions that will set about creating the conditions for free and fair democratic elections in Swaziland.

· The ending of the monarchic autocracy and the transfer of much of its wealth to the immediate tasks of fighting disease and the worst aspects of poverty (such as access to water and sanitation) ; the confiscation of all crown property and the declaration of Swaziland as a Republic

· The dismantling of the hated Tinkhundla system.

· The isolation of the Mswati regime by all countries of the international community and the suspension of foreign business activity until the autocracy is dismantled.

· The respect for rights of all workers to organise into trade unions, that are in turn empowered to join the political process individually and through their unions and federations.

· Access to land by all who wish to work it under a controlled system of collective rights – in the short term to tackle the severe food scarcity that afflicts 40% of the population.

· An emergency food security strategy, linked to the above demand.

· The creation of radical processes to empower women in society, and to make women’s health a top priority in health care.

· The creation of local workers and peasants organisations to articulate the needs of the urban and rural poor.

· The creation of an emergency economic, industrial and employment strategy to begin to find a way out of the crisis brought about by the Mswati autocracy and the ruling class.

These demands are found in more detailed form in the party’s programme and strategy.

We hope that this will put to rest claims by self proclaimed gate keepers of the Swazi struggle that a Communist party of Swaziland does not exist.

The first national congress of the party will be held within the next six months in preparation for the first General Congress, which is scheduled for next year, 2012. All genuine communists are invited to participate in this important structure.

*Issued By the Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN]*

*Contact :*

*Lucky Lukhele –SSN- spokesperson*

*072 502 4141*

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