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Swaziland : 1st Annual Conference


The conference analysed the critical stages that Swaziland is passing through, and the character of the needed transitional phrase from autocratic rule to democracy. This transitional phrase is a contested terrain of class struggle, on which the Communist Party of Swaziland presents a communist perspective on the sort of transition our country needs, if it is to have any chance of addressing the chronic catastrophic problems of our people. We are of the view that tinkhundla capitalism with its feudal remnants has created a force capable enough to be its gravedigger : to unite and fight autocratic rule to set Swaziland in the course for socialism. Mswati’s autocracy objectively unites these forces in a struggle to end the latter and the current crisis not permanent and the contradictions within the ruling oligarchy puts in the foreground the goal of a free and democratic Swaziland. This is a condition that necessitates the victory of the working class and its allies against greedy, exploitative and inhuman capitalism in the world as a whole and through the course of our National Democratic Revolution.

The voice of decent is growing. The struggles waged by the workers, peasants and youth are maturing to a decisive stage that is able to fully exploit the tensions between Mswati’s autocratic feudal rule and capitalism. This has created situation whereby many in Swaziland are forced into struggle against the regime, particularly the middle and lower-middle classes (bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeoisie).

It is in the context of these developments that the CPS presents its programme of action to end the Mswati regime, to move towards an inclusive and democratic transition that involves the input of all our communities. It is futile to allow the Mswati regime to continue in any shape or form, as it brings our people nothing but misery, insecurity and degradation. The terrible cost to all disempowered sections of society, particularly the working class and the poor has been exacerbated by the self-induced fiscal crisis of the regime. Hunger, disease (HIV, TB and diseases related to malnutrition and poor living conditions), violent death and suicides have all escalated. Far from responding to this disaster, Mswati has merely ploughed ahead with a range of repressive measures, which the Conference outlined as being :

1. The bolstering and unleashing of state terror against the people using the courts, prison system, army and police.

2. Tighter controls by Mswati and the royal elite over the economy, by taking over of parastatals, mining operations, infrastructure development and possible energy development. This is designed to strengthen Mswati’s personal fortune and further impoverishes the country and the people and robs them of services.

3. Introducing new tax measures and cutting wages to make the people pay for the incompetence and corruption of the autocracy.

4. Seizing land from the rural population to sell for cash, and thereby displace rural households and communities.

5. Denying hundreds of thousands of young people the possibility to access education at school and college level by cutting spending of education, though Mswati’s own family enjoy expensive educational opportunities overseas.

In light of such developments the Conference of the CPS declares the tinkhundla system to be a morally bankrupt and economically parasitic system that represents an existential threat to the Swazi people. It must be brought down and an interim government installed to begin the process of democratic transition.

Because Mswati refuses to change his ways, all progressive forces must join together to mobilize to end royal rule. We need to make in country ungovernable in specific ways that upturn the workings of the state and the tinkhundla system. This means that we must mobilize against all repressive laws by using defiance campaigns

We must mobilize to organize for a national conference/convention that will build the interim/provisional government that will in turn lead Swaziland to a true, popular mass based democracy.

All activities and actions of the workers, students, rural people, women at local and national levels must be supported by all in the building of unity of all pro-democracy forces of the people until the process of transition is concluded and the new democratic government of the republic of Swaziland is pronounced and the unity of the people of Swaziland is achieved.

We call upon all progressive forces in Swaziland and the world to support this just cause.





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