mardi, 24 octobre 2017

Uganda’s Food Crisis

11 million Ugandans (30 per cent) eat food described as “unacceptable” inferior in quality (nutrients) and volume (amounts). human development, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) has said. This means that those Ugandans are likely to be (...)

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Ouganda : Protecting oil business not nature

The British government has offered support to a multi-billion pound plan to drill for oil in one of Africa’s oldest national parks. The UN has cautioned against drilling for oil in national parks due to the potential damage to ecosystems and the (...)

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Uganda’s oil land-grab

Since oil was discovered in Uganda’s Bunyoro sub-region in 2006, the value of land adjacent to the oil the sites have increased dramatically. The discoveries triggered a rush for land acquisition by investors and speculators. Over the past (...)

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Uganda : Police Attack LGBT Pride Event

Arrests, Beatings, Assaults on Participants Ugandan police unlawfully raided an event late in the evening of August 4, 2016, the third night of a week of Ugandan LGBTI Pride celebrations, brutally assaulting participants, seven human rights (...)

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Ouganda : Early marriage, early death

Uganda which has one of the world’s highest rates of pre-teen and teenage pregnancies as the east African nation struggles to enforce laws to clamp down on child marriages. 300,000 girls every year get pregnant. One in every four girls aged (...)

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AFEX pétitionne le président ougandais en vue de protéger la liberté d’expression

Le réseau des organisations de promotion de la liberté d’expression en Afrique (AFEX) a adressé une pétition au Président de l’Ouganda, Yoweri Museveni en vue de prendre l’engagement de protéger et défendre la liberté d’expression et de réunion en (...)

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Ugandan government bans live media coverage of opposition activities Human Rights Network for Journalists

In a surprise twist of events, just two days after officiating as chief walker on World Press Freedom Day celebrations, the Minister for Information and National Guidance, Jim Katugugu Muhwezi has banned media coverage of political activities of (...)

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Uganda - Tightening controls on NGOs

Two weeks after controversially winning a fifth term, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has signed another repressive law which restricts the operations of thousands of NGOs working in the country. Adrian Juuko, executive director of Ugandan (...)

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Human rights violations increase as Ugandans head to polls

The African Freedom of Expression Exchange (AFEX) is alarmed at the deteriorating human rights situation in Uganda ahead of the country’s 2016 polls. AFEX has noted with dismay the increased hostility of state officials and security agents in (...)

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Ouganda : Amin, Africa and the World (1976)

From the September 1976 issue of the Socialist Standard The way to stop understanding of events is to show them as resulting from personal misconduct or mismanagement by those in charge. Had Hitler not been mad and bad, the Second World War (...)

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