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Soudan : A statement from the family of Abdul-Hadi Mahmoud, a detainee

Abdul-Hadi Mahmoud has been in detention for 30 days without any charges and we were not permitted to visit him until now.He was taken from Kassala to Khartoum and there are reports that he was subjected to torture and racial abuse.

As of 26 July, Abdul-Hadi Mahmoud has spent 30 days in detention without charge and without a trial. Not a single family member or friend was allowed to visit him and no reason was given for transporting him from Kassala to Khartoum. We have yet to be given information on his precise whereabouts or how to reach him in Khartoum in an attempt to address his case.Abdul-Hadi was arrested at about 6 p.m. on 26 June 2012, in front of a mosque in North-Halanja neighborhood in central Kassala by NISS officers without any legal permit.We have not been given a confirmation regarding his arrest, except after six days following his abduction. Since his arrest, various members of our family have visited NISS buildings numerous times and called many people asking for help to see our son and to find out more about his legal situation, but to no avail.

On 15 July 2012, we were formally informed that our son was transported to Khartoum, which lies over 600 kilometers from Kassala. We have been forced to travel and bear the financial and physical burden of relocating to Khartoum in an attempt to see him. However, we were again prevented from visiting him.

From time to time, we continue to receive news through individuals or from the internet that our son has been subjected to torture, beatings, and racial abuse in detention. Although we do not have proof, the fact that we were not allowed to see him and the secrecy around his relocation to Khartoum are leading us to believe that he was harmed and the NISS don’t want us to see him. We believe that Abdul-Hadi is the only person of those abducted by the NISS to be transported from Kassala to Khartoum.

From our deep knowledge of our son and regardless of our political agreement or disagreement with him, we are fully convinced that he is a law-abiding citizen and engages in peaceful work that conforms to the laws of Sudan. He has always expressed himself in a civilized manner, like thousands of university students and politicians.Since his childhood, Abdul-Hadi has been a member of the Islamic movement and the ruling-National Congress Party (NCP). He left the party three or four years ago.

When he left and joined the opposition, we also respected his freedom to adopt any belief or ideology. Although his engagement in public work has caused us problems and has impacted his studies, we respect his decisions and political affiliations.

We ask the NISS to release our son, Abdul-Hadi Mahmoud immediately and clarify the reasons for his arrest or take him to court and take the necessary legal procedures against him.

We hope that the reports regarding his torture and abuse are incorrect and we assert our right to press charges against those who abused him. We also reserve the right to speak freely to the national and international media, in the case of this being true.

We would also like to point out that torture, racial abuse, long-term detention are not a solution to a problem. We are convinced that Abdul-Hadi and his colleagues and friends in East Sudan, in specific and Sudan in general, will be led to extremism and even their family members will have no control over them.

We declare our solidarity with all illegal abductees and detainees in Sudan and we demand their immediate release or trial, with special emphasis on the detainees, our son’s colleagues, who are detained in Kassala.

We ask all human rights defenders and concerned national and international organizations to intervene in helping release our son and uphold his legal rights.

We write as members of Abdul-Hadi’s family, his parents, and other relatives who have the right to take legal action based on his circumstances how they see fit. We pledge to continue working until the end, using all available tools and methods at our proposal.

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Hamid Idress Suliman + 24912658564

D. Abdelaziz Ali Gami + 44-7824731593 ,

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