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Statement by the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Sudan

The Politburo of the Communist Party of Sudan discussed in its meeting of 11 March 2011 the currant political situation in the country and strongly denounced the brutal reaction of the police and security forces against a peaceful demonstration of Sudanese women, and the arrest of tens of women activist who were participating in that rally in (Al Ahlyia School Square) in Omdurman. The demonstration was meant to commemorate and celebrate the 100’s anniversary of the International Women Day on 8th March 2011. This unjustifiable act of violence by the authorities is in direct incongruity with international laws and accords and represented inconsistency with the existing Sudanese Constitution, needless to say that people all over the world celebrate this day including the UN.

The CPS Political Bureau also denounce the refusal and the forceful obstruction of a demonstrate on the 9th of March 2011 organized by Sudanese Political Parties Coalition and other civil organization in solidarity with the uprisings of the people of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The security forces arrested and detained for a short time Comrade Mohamed Ibrahim Nogud Comrade Abalfatah Al Rufae and tens of other political and civil activists, the Politburo calls for the release of all political detainees and the stoppage of all anti human rights acts and behaviors by the NCP security organs.

The CPS Political Bureau also strongly condemns the irresponsible statement uttered by Mr. Ali Karti ; the Sudanese Minister for Foreign Affairs accusing the Armed Movements of Darfur of supporting the Libyan despotic president troops against Libyan people, all Darfurian Movements rejected this false accusation which puts all Sudanese people residing in Libya in danger of violent retaliations by Libyan people. Furthermore, the Politburo denounces the decision of the regime to create two more provinces in Darfur and the call for a referendum in regard of the strongly held opinion by people of Darfur to revert back to one region bearing in mind the decision to divide the region was not a result of a referendum in the first place, the recent escalation of war and violence will add to the crisis and will further destroy the already fragile social and economic fabric of the region.

The Political Bureau also discussed what is called (National Dialogue) with NCP and confirmed its previous position aired before that the dialogue with the regime reached a dead end owing to the disappointingly illusive conduct of NCP government in dealing with all agreements and contracts signed with opposition forces (Naifash accord, Cairo Agreement, Abuja agreement and Eastern Sudan Agreement…etc).any talk about broad based government or national dialogue is just a political maneuver to by time and drive a wedge between opposition in order to divide it and to weaken the mounting resistance. As it was stated in the documents of the SCP Central Committee meeting on February 2011, that, the only way out for the people of Sudan is to intensify and continue its strife through accumulating and exerting pressure on the regime and ultimately topple it and the inception of a broad interim government responsible for (boarders demarcation, resolving the Abyie question, Oil, National Dept, River Nile water allocations….Etc) in addition to democratic transformation, comprehensive resolution to the crisis in Darfur, fair and honest public consultation in Nubba Mountains and South Blue Nile and developing mutual good relations with the new state in South Sudan aiming to unify the two states in future on the principles of a civil and democratic Sudan and to conduct a free and honest elections at the end of the interim period. The SCP Political Bureau affirmed the necessity to perform a fair and free election in South Kordofan and rejects all plans and intensions by NCP to rig and falsify this election, and we would like to draw the attention to the immanent danger of escalating socio-political and other inherent tension in the region and the intensification of existing separatism tendencies.

The SCP Political Bureau stress on the necessity to increase our organizational work within grass roots in all areas of residence or work places, schools and universities and to form a wide coalition base to include opposition parties and other civil organizations along with women organizations, students unions and professional bodies to raise the tempo of people’s daily demands through demonstrations, petitions, and continue public meetings in all quarters of the capital city and other towns in other regions (wilayat), we should aim to escalate our work in patient and organized way that will inevitably calumniate in the removal of this despotic regime.

The Political Bureau the Communist Party of Sudan,


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