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Statement of The Democratic Way about the latest developments in Burkina Faso

Here comes the turn of the people of Burkina Faso, he has get rid of another symbol of tyranny, authoritarianism, corruption and dependency, Blaise Compaore, who governed in this country for 27 years, after a military coup on October 15 of the year 1987 on President Thomas Sankara, who was assassinated, he who was known by his patriotism and hostility of imperialism, led by French imperialism, which supported the coup.

This important step comes as a culmination of the real extend militant revolutionary which was launched in 2008 and escalated dramatically in February of 2011, interactive and influenced by the revolutionary wave that began in the Maghreb and the Arab region in general, against conditions characterized by poverty and the high cost of living, unemployment, bribery, corruption and frequent military looting of the population and public property, and police repression against all struggle moves with the consecration of impunity in these various crimes.

If killing one of the students in the police station was the spark that has stepped up the mentioned extension, so the spark that led to the elimination of the head of the regime today is his appetite for more government and power for lifetime.

Several various popular groups have been engaged in this struggle, especially working people from different categories and young people,on their head students and school youth, and the trade union and human rights organizations and the movement against the high cost of living,led and assigned by alarge political coalition under the slogan : OUT.

The Democratic Way, as he follows the rapid developments in Burkina Faso :

1)Expresses its solidarity with the people of Burkina Faso and his militant forces, and congratulates him for this initial victory embodied in the departure of the tyrant, the puppet of French colonialism and the Moroccan regime ally:Blaise Compaore.

2)Condemns the military coup led by the Presidential Security Corps,considering that this coup is against the people’s aspirations for freedom, dignity and social justice, knowing that this particular body, charged with protecting the interests of the tyrant and his family, has a long history in the bloody repression.

3) Considers that only the unity of the people and his militant forces-political and social- in a broad compact front will shield this syndrome, and thwartthe maneuvers interventions and the imperialist powers and the takeover of the military power, and deepen the revolutionary process and the overthrow of the regime, and build a democratic system on its ruins : This unit is the way to victory, and it is theprecious lesson which is confirmed by the historical experience of the peoples yearning for democracy and an end to colonial domination.

Long live the people of Burkina Faso revolution

Long live the struggle of the peoples of Africa for national liberation and democracy on the road to socialism.

National secretary

Rabat on 3 November 2014

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