lundi, 20 mai 2019

La page de COSATU

COSATU Central Executive Committee, 28-30 May 2012

The Congress of South African Trade Unions held a scheduled meeting of its Central Executive Committee from 28-30 May 2012, attended by the national office bearers, all 20 affiliated unions and provincial leaders. Addressing unemployment crisis with focus on youth and women unemployment crisis Throughout its existence COSATU has consistently profiled the triple crisis of unemployment, poverty and inequalities. We have over and over again warned that the country is sitting on a ticking (...)

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Afrique du sud : Wits students successfully force intransigent Wits management to intervene in case of 17 dismissed black workers

NEHAWU congratulates the progressive and revolutionary Wits University students, for scoring a preliminary victory in the fight for the reinstatement of 17 black workers that were dismissed by Royal Mnandi Catering Services at the university. The students have forced the stubborn and indifferent management of the institution to intervene in the ensuing impasse. The management has since agreed to do the right thing ; therefore allowing the students to call off their hunger strike and (...)

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Afrique du sud : Our health care is not for sale

Until such time as a National Health Insurance (NHI) is fully implemented, millions of workers are currently on medical aid – the cost of which is becoming increasingly unaffordable. In the public and Local Government sectors alone approximately 1 million workers belong to medical schemes – the majority of whom belong to SAMWU and NEHAWU. The funding of these members is from public coffers and is serving to fatten the coffers of private sector health care provider’s, predominantly private (...)

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