mercredi, 20 novembre 2019

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Mozambique : educators set up a trade union to open social dialogue and improve teachers’ conditions

Crowning a global development cooperation initiative, the 4th Congress of the Organizaçao Nacional dos Professores modified the organisation’s constitution to become a trade union able to engage in social dialogue and improve teachers’ working and living conditions. The main objective of the 4th Congress of the Organizaçao Nacional dos Professores (ONP) was to change ONP’s constitution so that it could become a union. This aim was fully achieved when delegates adopted the constitution of the (...)

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Kenya : Teacher unions and civil society unite to condemn the privatisation and commercialisation of education

Education International has joined its affiliates and partners in Kenya to urge the government to halt the growth of edu-businesses throughout the country’s education sector. Article 53 of Kenya’s Constitution makes it clear that every child has the immediate right to free and compulsory basic education. However, a 2009 Policy for Alternative Provision of Basic Education and Training (APBET), which recognises alternative or ‘non formal’ schools, has inadvertently opened the door to big (...)

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Privatisation vultures pose serious threat to Liberia’s public education system

Teachers and civil society are teaming up in an effort to stop Bridge International, the transnational private education provider, which has set its sights on profiting off Liberia’s fragile public education system. In a letter to Liberian education Minister George K. Werner, a coalition of civil society organisations has expressed its concerns with the government’s plans to establish a public-private partnership with Bridge International Academies and with the overall process of (...)

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