jeudi, 21 mars 2019

La page de Henry Makori

Occupy Laikipia ! Kenya’s indigenous people must liberate their land

Kenya’s rulers and some elite commentators frame the ongoing occupation of indigenous lands grabbed by colonialists in Laikipia as a criminal invasion of private property by lawless bands of tribal herders. Really ? Those white ranches - in land-hungry Kenya, half-a-century into “independence” - are nothing more than ample proof of neocolonialism. The dispossessed indigenous people must take back their land. By any means necessary. A mzungu on horseback was killed in Kenya last week. (Mzungu (...)

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Thousands of poor people are right now suffering and dying needlessly in Kenya due to a well-heeded strike by nurses and medical doctors in public service over a dishonored pay deal with the government. The media is carrying dramatic pictures of patients in agony unable to access medical care, left on their own to die a miserable death. Amidst this most gratuitous suffering of masses of poor people, a narrative has emerged (generated, no doubt, by the few rich and middle class types, who (...)

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