dimanche, 21 avril 2019

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April 12 demonstrations in Swaziland gets thumbs up

Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN), a network of various organisations and individuals committed to helping all Swazis in the fight democracy in Swaziland, has pledged moral and material support for our mass demonstrations on the 12th of April. As a movement we are humbled yet strengthened by this support. We were hoping that Swazi pro-democracy groups would be in the frontline together with us on this historic day. However, as explained in our group’s mission statement, we are shall move (...)

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Swazi uprising long overdue

The Swaziland Solidarity Network wishes to express its support to the April 12 national Swazi uprising, which in recent weeks has become the focus of attention from some news agencies. The Times of Swaziland has belatedly joined the bandwagon and reported on this mass protest billed for the 12th of April. It is quite unfortunate, however, that despite the obvious fact that this uprising is motivated by the North African mass protests that are currently happening, certain Swazi political (...)

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People of Swaziland must emulate Tunisia and Egypt

In yet another attempt to ridicule the nation, the king of Swaziland recently told the people at a prayer gathering not to panic as Jesus would intervene on the country’s economic woes. The king said this at a prayer service held at Lozitha Royal residence on Saturday, the 29th of January. The king, whose state of sobriety was questionable, boasted about having Jesus Christ in him. Preaching that a greedy, polygamous, murderous and muti-worshiping man can have the spirit of Jesus in him (...)

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