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Afrique du sud : Police shoot striking SADTU members

Nomusa Cembi, SADTU Spokesperson

D 22 août 2010     H 05:23     A     C 0 messages

SADTU has strongly condemned the shooting of its members with rubber bullets - without any provocation - by metro police during a march in the South of Johannesburg today.

The shooting left six SADTU members injured - two suffered head wounds.

Our members were part of a peaceful march by thousands of Public Service Union members in Ormonde heading towards the MI when metro police who were part or a group that was trying to keep up with the marchers suddenly opened fire without giving a warning.

SADTU condemns violence against or conducted by our members. The Union’s policy denounces violence and intimidation from any quarter. Our members have a democratic right to engage in a march or any form of demonstration. The action by Metro Police was extremely provocative and has no room in the new democratic South Africa. The right to engage in a march is enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Such action by police won’t deter us from continuing to engage in pickets and marches until our demands are met.