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Bostwana : About Umbrella II

D 24 avril 2012     H 05:56     A Botswana National Front     C 0 messages

In response to a national call to bring together all progressive forces under one banner and avoid vote splitting in the next general elections, the leaders of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Botswana National Front (BNF) and Botswana People’s Party (BPP) met recently to carry out the mandate given to them by their respective parties. The Talks started off in Umbrella I with Rre Labang Mpotokwane and Rre Emang Maphanyane as Conveners. In Umbrella II, three more eminent persons in the names of retired Judge John Musojane, Bishop Cosmus Moenga and Pastor Prince Dibeela were included as additional Conveners because of the demanding nature and importance of this national project.

The Conveners and the participating parties’ leaders had earlier in the month of March taken a decision to suspend the Talks to give the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) time to complete its consultation process as it had requested, with the hope that it will later join the Umbrella.

At their meeting, the parties to the Umbrella II noted the correspondence from the BCP which basically indicated that it will not be part of this important national project. The meeting expressed disappointment that the BCP has opted out of the national project, Umbrella, but resolved that its position should be respected. A decision was taken not to respond to the BCP attacks as this will divert our attention from seeking a better life for our people. The leaders also resolved that any engagement with other political parties should be in the context of the Umbrella.

Having signed a Declaration which essentially commits the parties to the Umbrella, the parties are now shifting gear to focus on issues of detail and it is expected that the three Umbrella parties would have concluded consultations and adoption of the documents with their members by the end of May. This process will then be followed by the launching of the project.

Because this project belongs to the nation, the Umbrella leaders will soon be interacting with the Leaders of different religious denominations, Workers’ unions, Business, different NGOs etc for briefings.

A workshop is to be held during the month of April to finalise the different documents before they are passed on to the party structures for discussion and adoption. It has to be noted that the parties which are members of the Umbrella will continue to operate as usual in terms of decision making and are not to be dissolved.

Moeti Mohwasa