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Call for Sudan Picketing

D 5 juillet 2012     H 12:55     A     C 0 messages

In response to National and International demonstrations that carried out by Sudanese World wide against Khartoum regime to stop the Wars and allow humantarian access to the needy peoples in Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile and Darfur.

We would like to invite you to join us in a peaceful picketing to express our voices in support of our brothers and sisters in Sudan in demanding a change in the current oppressive regime of Omar al-Bashir and his regime.

The Sudanese people have continuously suffered since 1989, due to conflicts in different regions of the country. Economic and social development have continued to deteriorate, reaching its’ lowest point when the government imposed austerity measures, declaring a 60% increase in petrol prices, doubling food prices and taxes, and depreciating the currency against the US dollar. Freedom of speech is repressed and basic human rights are denied.

We request that all those who are in favour of peace, democracy and human rights, to join us in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa on Friday 6 July, from 14:00 to 15:00 hour At ( Cnr 1203 Pretorius Street and Duncan Street ) supporting the people of Sudan to stop the wars and set up a true democratic system based on citizenship and human rights values.

For contacts ;

Cde, Sabir Ibrahim, 0829 544 373

Cde, Mahdi Osman, 0833 325 028