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Arrests ahead of student election at Juba University

D 11 juin 2016     H 05:18     A     C 0 messages

South Sudanese military personnel have arrested students at Juba University as they were preparing to conduct elections for the position of chairperson of the students’ union.

Radio Tamazuj was informed on Wednesday that the students by name of Chan Deng Maror and Peter Angui Bol were arrested and picked up by the military intelligence officers in the morning last Friday upon arrival to the university premises from their hostel.

“Yes, it is true information and they are under military intelligence detention in Bilpam,” one source confirmed.

Another source explained that the arrest of those students was instigated out by students belonging to the SPLM youth league for rejecting to support the SPLM youth league in the coming elections for the student union.

She said that the election, scheduled for 10 June, is expected to bring new people into office.

"I think the SPLM student league (party) at the university are behind the arrest of these students even not only the two but another guy working at the printing shop inside the university was picked yesterday by the same security,” she said.

"They (SPLM league) called students by phone and ask them to vote for them and if you refused then they target you later,” she said.

source : https://radiotamazuj.org/