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STATEMENT BY THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF SOUTH SUDAN on the renewal of the war in south sudan

Let’s Uphold the Peace Agreement Despite the Crisis

D 27 juillet 2016     H 12:41     A Communist Party of South Sudan     C 0 messages

Despite the admission by the conflict parties of their guilt and responsibility for the horrible December Crisis , their apology to the people, their promise not to repeat what happened and their assurances to make December Crisis the last war in the life of our people, they broke their pledges in less than a year and repeated the December 2013 crisis in all its barbarism and violence.

July Crisis has repeated all the misery that confronted our people in December including killings, , expulsion, , being starved, looting of property, destabilization of the citizens and tearing apart of the social fabric.

This time the people do not need and will not accept new apologies or admissions of guilt. These would be empty and fake. The people only want the culprits to be arraigned before a Court of Law so as to receive their just punishment.

Dear Compatriots,

From the very beginning, an influential section has shown lack of conviction with the agreement. It has continuously characterized it as being imposed by outside players and thereby blocked the way to the implementation of the peace agreement in letter, spirit and transparency.

At present and in the future and what has transpired since the signing of the agreement in Addis Ababa and Juba is that many of the articles of the agreement have been suspended, some have been circled with red lines and others violated in broad daylight.

After the cease fire and in the absence of Riek Machar from the political arena, the agreement has now entered a blocked tunnel and is in grave danger of collapse than at any other instant before.

JMEC has become incapable to supervise the implementation of the agreement as stipulated in the agreement because of the countless hurdles placed in front of it since assuming the responsibility.
JMEC will definitely fail unless the regional and international community implement their decisions.

We, in the Communist Party, strictly want the application of the peace agreement and support the regional and international efforts that push in that direction and we consider these efforts as the last hope to rescue what can still be rescued or else a deluge follows.

We call on our people, all other forces organized under their political parties, trade unions, and various organisations to firmly uphold the agreement and exert maximum efforts to press for a sincere implementation

We wish Quick Recovery to our Injured and God’s Mercy upon all our Martyrs

The Central Secretariat
Communist Party of South Sudan
Juba 14.07.2016