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D 6 novembre 2014     H 05:59     A Ethiopian People´s Revolutionary Party (EPRP)     C 0 messages

The EPRP fully supports the ongoing struggle of the Burkinabe people against
dictatorship and for democracy. Their struggle is a harbinger of intensified popular
struggles all over the continent. Like other peoples, the Burkinabe people face the
danger of the status quo army short-circuiting their victory to establish yet
another demagogic military dictatorship.

Baise Compaore came to power via coup that ousted his long time and very popular
friend Thomas Sankara. For the last 26 years, Compaore has stuck to his
authoritarian rule and enjoyed the backing of France and other western powers.
The people’s demand for justice and democracy was stifled, the free press muzzled,
dissent repressed without mercy. To add insult to injury, the dictator was out
to change the Constitution to run for the same office in the oncoming election.
Compaore has often rigged elections like the tyrants of Ethiopia. If the Burkainabe
people’s struggle triumphs it will be a great example for the whole of Africa and for
Ethiopia in particular where a repressive and ethnic based system has been ruining
the country and murdering the people for the last 23 years.

The EPRP supports the struggle of the people of Burkina Faso and stands against
any attempt by the generals to usurp the victory of the people.

Down with all the dictators in Africa
Victory to the struggle of the African people for justice and liberty !