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Nigeria : A lesbian sentenced to death

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Aderonke’s family was killed and she was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death in Nigeria for being a lesbian. She fled to safety in the UK.

She went through a humiliating interrogation by UK officials who didn’t believe she’s a lesbian. Aderonke’s waiting to hear from a judge who could decide to send her back to Nigeria – where she could be killed.

But there’s still a chance to help her. The UK Home Office just announced that the process they use for lesbian, gay, bi and trans asylum cases like this is degrading – but so far no changes have been made.

If thousands of us speak out right now, we can create a massive media story that could convince the Home Office to take the next logical step and halt the deportations. Will you sign the petition to Home Office Secretary Theresa May now ?

It’s not just Aderonke’s life at stake.There’s dozens more LGBT asylum seekers facing the same. One man from Cameroon, who’s bisexual and blind, reported last week that he was beaten by deportation officers.

Theresa May’s already said that some people have been forced to submit video of themselves having sex or answer humiliating questions during hours of interrogation. And, many people who provide evidence to the Home Office that they will be jailed or killed for who they love have been deported back into danger anyway.

May has the power – and the responsibility – to stop the Home Office from deporting Aderonke until they can be sure everyone’s being treated fairly and humanely. But the Home Office may think they’ve done enough by agreeing to review their process – unless UK citizens and the global media hold them accountable. Sign now and demand Theresa May take action :

The very first campaign All Out members joined together on was to stop the UK from sending a woman back to Uganda where she could be jailed for who she loved. Last year, thousands of us called the Home Office to try to stop the deportation of a young gay man to Nigeria.

If we can all speak out right now and get Theresa May to halt the deportation of Aderonke and all other LGBT asylum seekers like her, this could be the last time we have to do this. With fair and humane processes and training for Home Office staff dealing with these cases, people like Aderonke could have a real shot at justice and safety when they’re genuinely fleeing for their lives.

Sign now to help Aderonke : https://www.allout.org/aderonke

Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Hayley, Jeremy, Mike, Pablo, Sara and the rest of the All Out team.

P.S. The All Out office team’s in touch with Aderonke. She says that this campaign isn’t just important for her but also for other LGBT asylum seekers whose voices are unheard and are facing this hostile asylum process. Will you join Aderonke as she bravely fights for her life and the lives of others in the same danger ? https://www.allout.org/aderonke


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