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From Paris to Benghazi

D 17 novembre 2015     H 05:28     A CSI     C 0 messages

The terrorist attacks in Paris have shocked the world, and the trade union movement has issued a number of strong statements which you can find on the front page of LabourStart. These include statements from the International Trade Union Confederation, global unions and national trade union centers.

At the same time, we must not forget that our fellow union members are often on the front lines of the fight against terrorism.

One of these is Nermin Al-Sharif, leader of the Dockers and Seafarers Union of Libya.

Nermin is a passionate and determined internationalist who has fought for women’s rights across the Arab world, at Qatar Airways and for the rights of the dockers and seafarers she represents. She has continued this increasingly dangerous work despite the civil war in her country.

On Sunday 8 November, Nermin was shot at as she was driving in a car near Benghazi.

She is now out of hospital and recovering from her injuries. This is the second attempt on her life and follows the murder of three other well-known female activists in Libya.

At the request of the International Transport Workers Federation, we have launched an online campaign demanding that the Libyan government protect trade unionists and human rights activists.

It will take you just a moment to support the campaign. Please sign up and spread the word. Thank you.