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D 23 juin 2015     H 12:28     A Nian Sowe     C 0 messages

We would like to initiate dialogue with you and your networks on our proposal to establish regular interaction between various groupings of African progressive forces in the Europe Diaspora of Africa. For this purpose we are proposing the organisation, at least once in every two years, of an African Progressive Networking in Europe Convention (APNEC).

As you ought to be aware the African Diaspora as a whole is designated officially by the African Union (AU) as the Sixth Region of Africa. The United Nations has also designated this 2015 year as the beginning of the United Nations Decade for People of African Descent. All of these steps demand better glocal organisation of Africans throughout the Global Diaspora of Africa all over the entire World. That is why we are seeking to progress matters in this direction faster from Europe with our proposed new initiative, targeting those who see themselves as progressive Afrikan Changemakers.

The venue for the APNEC can be rotated as deemed appropriate throughout the countries of Europe. We are therefore seeking to explore together with you the possibilities of a meeting of progressive Africans in Europe to start discussing and planning for such an APNEC as soon as possible. Even a Skype conversation any mutually agreeable time from now between a number of African Activists in Europe interested in discussing this proposal with us will be very much welcome.

We aim to include in our discussions the following points :-

- The situation in Africa and the harmonisation of our relationships with our Mothercontinent ;

- The situation of the African Diaspora in Europe ;

- Exchange of ideas and experiences between us as Africans living in Europe ;

- Exploring the building of qualitative cooperation among us as Africans living in Europe ;

- Sustainable World Development Dialogue with our European and other friends.

You are invited to make your own input into this provisional agenda with issues of concern you would like to add from your own perspective(s).

We are in the process of making and developing contacts and holding appropriate consultations towards a better organisation of our meetings on this matter of the APNEC.

Do please respond as soon as possible, if you are interested, so that we can share more information with you.

Warm regards of African Fraternity !

Nian Sowe
Interim Coordinator,
APNEC International Preparatory Committee,

Stockholm, Sweden.