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Swaziland : April 12 Uprising – not a Proposal - But a call to Action

The April 12 movement has reminded all of us on what we know that April 12 1973 was a day of commencement of our misery. In our suffering, misery, hopelessness, insecurity, hunger, poverty, disease, exploitation, exclusion, marginalization, unemployment, illiteracy, subjugation, oppression, underdevelopment, malnutrition, slavery, death and all social ills, this date is reflected. It is a reminder that need not to be emphasized.

If we remember well this day, what then should we do ? When we organize peacefully – Mswati triples the state of emergency. He does not want us to organize and openly express our conscious. He wants us to abandon our action and betray our conscious. But can we do that ? Do we have an option ? No ! No ! No !

Then what ? He blocks movement ? He declares war. He arrests people, he terrorize society, threatens the ever weakened. He is a dangerous coward.

We begin from where we are. We organize around us. We fight from our strength. Our moral is our history and experience over the past 38 years. We fight along our demands, our consciousness. We aim victory not a defeat. We begin now, today at this very-hour, we have no blankets, our houses are licking, we never had peaceful nights, we are harassed, raided, killed during the night, we are in secured.

What then is our action ?

April 12 is the day of beginning of our action. Let’s do as we do on New Year. Beat the drums, blow our whistles, and fire our crickets, blow vuvuzelas to mark the beginning of action.

Join them in the roadblocks, block the roads where they have not blocked, we don’t have the road signs, let’s use stones, logs and burning tyres, they may prove efficient than the road signs they use. We are a mourning nation. The night is the good time for all our action.

To those who cannot join the march during the day ; stay home, observe, pray, don’t go to work, April 12 2011 is not a working day in Swaziland, it’s a day of struggle.

Those who normally visit Swaziland from other countries, April 12 2011 is not a tourism day in Swaziland, come some other day.

Those running business in Swaziland, today is not a business day, but a day of struggle. Close your business, u can open it some other time, but not today. April 12 2011 is a day of action not business.

Those in the transport industry, as they have always sided with the struggle before, no transport on April 12 because there is no one going to work. Park your buses and kombis at home. U will use them when time comes but not today.

To the activist, observe those who do not observe the call of the poor, those who will betray the call of the marginalized, they are not our enemies but are low conscious people who cannot learn only by information, they learn better by experience, they will get that time, that class will be open soon – KNOW THEM.

Those who enjoy the beatings, shooting, torture, harassment, intimidation, killing of un armed citizens who want nothing but who want an end to the unjust system of governance – the throters of violence – those in uniform of terror (state police and soldiers) must remember that this is a struggle, a process of history driven by conscious people who have no limit of thinking and action.



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