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Tchad : 25 members of Occupational Health and Safety Committees trained in N’Djamena

It was held from 23 to 24 November 2009 at the Hotel Le Meridien Chari in N’Djamena, a national seminar which brought together 25 participants including 10 women from the OHS Committes(CHSST)from the two federations (FTTB and FENATRABAT) affiliated to BWI in Chad.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Comrade Ben Brahim Said Secretary General of Confederation of Free trade unions of Chad. The welcome remarks were delivered by Comrade Djimrarai Mongay Rachel from FENATRABAT representative of BWI affiliates in Chad . Her speech was followed by the remarks of the BWI Coordinator for Africa Francophone and the opening words by the deputy Secretary General of the FENATRABAT,Mrs Benoudji Mndigui.

The first lecture on "the situation of occupational health and safety in the sectors of wood and construction. " Was the Coordinator of BWI for Francophone Africa. He made an overview of hazards, both in forestry and wood in construction and building in Africa Francophone sub-region .

He also noted the interest of multinational companies for the forestry, wood and Construction in Africa but who continue to exploit workers with poor safety and health conditions at workplaces. He illustrated his communication with many pictures showing the conditions under which people work and live in the areas of construction and wood. Most risks are well known but employers do not often make efforts to repair :
- Work hazards on construction sites,
- The long hours of hard work,
- The right of workers scoffed etc. ... The Coordinator concluded by noting that members of OHS Committees that most of these hazards are predictable and can be avoided. The 2nd presentation was delivered by Mr. Mahamat Bichara work inspector on the theme : " situation of Occupational health and safety in Chad. "

It focused on laws and regulations regarding health and safety regulations in the Republic of Chad and application level. Three (3) working groups were established to develop a strategic plan to revitalize the OHS committees. Work Group shows 3 major concerns : 1 - The Role of OHS committees in the company ; 2 - The performance and monitoring of OHS committees ; 3 - The strategy put in place in the informal sector. The seminar ended on the afternoon of November 24 with the exchange of experience on different OHS committees and their role and tasks in the company. Delegates come from the following companies :

- Setúba Moundou
- Setúbal - NDJAMENA
- ENCOBAT - Moundou

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