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Letter to United Nation Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings, Summary or Arbitrary Executions.

I would wish to Introduce myself as EDGAR OGUTU (LIBERATOR) Kenyan citizen, Radio Presenter at Ghetto Radio and Human Rights Defender and a campaigner of justice to victims of police extrajudicial killings and uncertain disappearance by people suspected to be Kenya police or other bloody state actors.

The state of young people in far east of Nairobi slums is desperate and the level of which the youths are dying because of the victimisation associated with the name Gaza, which pledges loyalty to jailed Jamaica reggae artist Vybz Kartel.

Being a radio presenter at Ghetto Radio speaking on matters of human rights and social justice, I interact often with victims of crime and police brutality or next of kins seeking for assistance to get justice for relatives killed innocently just because of victimisation due to the Gaza name tag. The elimination of life by the trigger happy police and impunity in Kenya is a subject of big concern not only to me as an investigative reporter but also to victims calling for justice but end up being ignored by forces like civil society and political duty bearers just because of intelligence created narrative so that they can continue to cleanse an entire generation of youths in Kayole, Githura, Njiru, Kibra, Mathare, Eastleigh, Pumwani and so many other slums especially in Eastlands.

Just like the government of Kenya used the name tag ‘Mungiki’ a few years ago so that they can target jobless youths and police forces killed thousands and thousands secretly. I want to raise attention to the world that the police now are killing with impunity and even posting photos on social media bragging with the blood of innocent young people on their hands. I have made several public appeals to the president to bring these killings to en end with no avail. The amount of lives lost in those areas that I have quoted can be called mass extrajudicial killings by Kenya police of youths aged between 12 to 30 years old. Many youths at that age have no freedom of movement for fear of being victimised by the name tag GAZA member. Sadly you will find that an individual police officer has extrajudicially killed more than 200 youths in that particular area and there are more than 10 killer police officer like that in every slum.

Having investigated and documented these injustices, I have been sharing and referring victims and families to the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Kenya and Kenya Human Rights Commission who also intervened on cases whereby two youths where almost shot at a cell of Kayole police station by a cop believed not mentally fit to continue handling fire arms by members of public. He kills every day and night ; if he doesn’t like look or dressing, it is reason enough for bullet judgement.

Currently the Youth in Gaza are establishing the Kayole Social Justice Center to bring justice to the community and create opportunities for youth, similar to social justice centres established with the Mathare Social Justice Center and Kamkunji, Githurai Youth Empowerment Centre.

1. For extrajudicial killings to come to an end, your office must urgently intervene by conducting investigation on extrajudicial killings being committed by Kenyan police ; many families have been left orphans and very young widows and single mothers by those senseless killings.

2. Police must be prosecuted and convicted, and made to pay reparations for families of their victims who most depended on the deceased as sole bread winner.

3. Advocating for an official UN statement condemning the killings.

4. Advocating for support to start a petition against this killings committed to innocent age category by Special Crime prevention and amnesty policy for youths who are ready to reform.

5. Psychological support for mass killing cops as a way to protect more loss of life.

6. Release of official data collection of death by the hand of police nation-wide.

7. IPOA should make witness protection accessible for witnesses that are willing to testify against police.

Yours sincerely

Edgar Ogutu

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