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Soudan : About referendum

The meeting of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party which took place on 29th, of October, 2010, have delt at length with the situation in Southern Sudan, and the issue of self-determination. It also discussed the forthcoming Referendum, and its possible outcome : Separation or Unity, based on a paper presented by its PolitBureau. The meeting reviewed the recommendations of the Party Cadres meeting and received information on the meeting of the Southern Parties together with Southern Sections from Parties in the North which took place on the iniatative of the SPLM.

After along and thorough discussion the Central Committee resolved to reaffirm the Party’s position in support of the unity of the country based on respect of the right to citizenship, equality amongest its people irrespective of religious, race or gender difference. Unity of a country that protects and promotes basic free to all its citizens, and where peaceful and democratic transfer of power is respected. The C.C. meeting have stressed the importance of realizing the Referendum at its proposed date, and that it should be fair, transparent and free.

The C.C, meeting declared that the National Congress Party, the ruling Party, bears the full responsibility for the delay in implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement especially with regards to defining the bounderies of Abieia and realizing the referendum there. It also accused the NGP of blocking all efforts to achieve the democratic transformation of the country as stipulated in the agreement. Furthermore it stated that the SPLM bears part of the responsility as a result of its retreat from its declared position in support of the unity of the country, its refusal to coordinate actions with opposition parties for creating the best condition for the implementation of the peace agreement.

The meeting have decided to work with all interested political forces and establish the broadest possible front to achieve its declared goals in unity of the country. A special appeal is addressed to the international community, world public opinion and fraternal parties to render their support to and solidarirty with the struggle of our people for the unity of the country, restoration of democracy and peace. The meeting stressed the importance of further improving Party propaganda work to serve better the cause of unity of Sudan. In this respect it pointed out that special attention should be paid to the dangers of separation which will weaken Sudan in all aspects, reduce its ability to use its natural and human resources, and will create a land blocked country for the Southern state. Separation will represent a great loss for Sudan in terms of cultural, social, and economic common history. It will create a negative precedent in Africa and the Arab world.

The C.C. meeting have strongly condemned the US administrations interference in the internal affairs of the country, through maintaining support to separation and the forces working for it.

Furthermore it recommended to strengthen the mobilization of the popular masses and encourage their active involvement in the struggle to preserve the unity of the country. These actions can include mass meetings, seminars, demonstrations and protest gatherings. It called on all Sudanese political forces to cooperate and increase their joint actions.

The meeting confirmed that the only way out of the present crisis is by convening a national conference with the participation of all political forces on equal footing to discuss and agree on how resolve the crisis. This approach becomes especially important after the failure of foreign efforts to solve internal Sudanese problems.

The meeting of the Central Committee have reaffirmed the Party’s determination to continue its struggle with all other forces to overthrow the present regime by all democratic and legal means, since the regime represents the real and main obstacle to resolve the countrys crisis.

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