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Soudan : Our Position on the call for a broad based government

Statement of Sudanese Communist party

The Polit Bureau of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party have discussed the address by the president of Sudan on the Independence Day in its meeting of the 3rd January 2010. The president called in his address for a broad based government to lead the country after the declaration of the Southern Sudan referendum results. The politburo reached the following conclusions :

Firstly, The Sudan is currently passing through the most complex and decisive phase in its modern history. In few days the country will engage in the process of the referendum on self determination of South Sudan, an adequate amount of signs from statements by the two partners, NCP and SPLM-SPLA affirm the presumption that the majority of the people of Southern Sudan will choose independence. Critical and vital consequences will affect the whole country such as anxiety and apprehensions of the return of war and violence. The major partners in the collation of the so called government of national unity have unilaterally excluded other political forces and denied them proper participation in the debate on the important issues of Unity and governance of the country with the collaboration and intened of the International Community to conclude the Naivasha Accord without reaching agreements on Abiyai question which ticks like a time bomb ready to explode at any time, in addition to the escalation of violence in Darfur, and the uncertainty engulfing South Kurdofan and South Blue Nile and the East, notwithstanding the deteriorating living standards of all people and the ever increasing number of unemployed and the huge number of the politically sacked civil servants and military personnel and the unparalleled degree of corruption.

Secondly, this dire situation necessitate an immediate action by all political forces in the Sudan to raise the ceiling of their patriotism and lower their partisan narrow interests, and to call for unity of all political forces in Sudan and exert all needed efforts to steer the country towards a peaceful conclusion and secure a safe and sound future.

To effect this desired conclusion the SCP calls for the following.

1. Comprehensive reviews of all current constitutional arrangements immediately after the declaration of the referendum results and launch new assessment of the political structure of the state and methods of governance in the North.

2. These proposed amendments should be discussed and compiled through a constitutional conference to incorporate all political forces and civil society organs and national organizations…etc and to be held before the 9th July 2011.

3. The State to be run by an interim National Government representing all political forces without exclusion with a clear aim among other normal remits and functions to organize, convene and oversee the aforementioned Institutional Conference and to hold a democratic parliamentary election at the end of its term.

The Sudanese Communist Party draws the attention of all forces to the stark and bleak near future and call upon all to rise to the huge challenges facing the whole nation.

The Politburo

The Sudanese Communist Party

3rd January 2011

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