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Maroc : Statement of Annahj Eddimocrati

Annahj Eddimocrati » refuses the official form declared to modify the constitution and calls for reinforcing and continuing the movement fighting for the sake of a democratic system.

Annahj Eddimocrati » national secratary studied the official form set up to apply constitutional modification and decides that :

1-The official initiative inculcates once more the same old style of donated constitutions ;dedicated constitutions from above where the king stands as the sole and unique seizer of the institutional authority emphassising by that the on going strategies which has been persued since the first constitution in 1962.Also,the initiative is,on the content level,no more than a trasient make up which is unable to cut up with the a regime of tyrany and individual absolute governance where the king is « Emir almominine »(Emir of believers in God)-keeping tightly in hand unlimitted jurisdictions as it is declared in chapter 19 of the current constitution ;jurisdictions which are fully opposed to the principals of duty and responsibility those stressing the questionning of governors and their accountabilities .

2-the official initiative doesn’t provide a complete convincing answer to the revendications of the militant movement fighting for democracy and social equity which appears in the aftermath of February the20 since it restricts the constitutional case only in modifications at the form level without considering the core of the political system which indeed necissates radical change.More than that,when this initiative deneys completely the claims of the democratic movement -dissolution of parliament,existing councils and the current government and the isolation of the mekhzenian mafia figures who are responsible for political and economical crimes –it is undoubtedly aiming at containing the militant movement and resticting it in postponed projects by implanting within it illusions to segment it and thus facilitate its supression.

3-The change Moroccans are waiting for is a complete radical change in all fields and here in some of its requirements :
- A democratic constitution formulated and initiated by an elected institutional council.A constitution which materializes the Moroccan public will by taking into account the public sovreignity that citizens are the only source of authority , by cutting up with the individual absolute goernance and by acknowledging the equity between women and men and recognizing « Tamazight » a natonal culture and an official language.
- Dissolution of all secret and parallel oppressive state devices which are responsible for political crimes and putting persons in charge of them on trial.
- Trial of all the corrupted persons and those who looted the public wealths and national fortune and the confiscation of their prorities.
- Breaking up of all the elected institutions and the current government as they are void of the public and democratic legitimacy.
- Free and fair elections ensuring equal chances for all the existing forces and prohibiting any kind of secratary of state « ministry of interior »intervention in the people’s political life.
- Ending up with the current type of economy and legistate instead an economic and social policies which satisfy the fundamental needs of the Moroccan population and which guarantee the access of employement and social services to all citizens.
- Liberating the public Information from the retroactive and narrow mindedness it is living to guarantee its openess to diferent views and beliefs and thus establish values of freedom and democracy.
- improving all constituents of the national culture by making it open to all humnitarian progressive values. For all these matters,the national secretary of « annahj eddimocrati »calls upon all audiences of our public who is inspired with freedom,democracy and dignity, calls upon all militant forces of our society to stick to maintaining the unity of the movement to guarantee its continuity.It,also ,calls militants to toughly stand against any type of purposeful manoeuvring aiming at aborting the movement.It ,finally,assures that « annahj Eddimocrati » the democratic way party is fully involved in all the militant fighting initiatives beginning at first with marches set up in all areas of our country in March the20th.

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