jeudi, 22 août 2019

With the people of Tunisia and the progressive forces

First of all the Abertzale Left (Basque pro independence left movement) wishes to send a message of warm solidarity to the progressive Tunisian forces and to the popular sectors which have made possible the overthrow of the dictatorial regim of Ben Ali and of the DCR.

While analysing what has occurred in Tunisia and the various protest actions developing across the whole Magreb, we cannot overlook that these are occurring in the context of the asphyxiating and predatory hegemony of neoliberal globalisation. Those who in 2008 predicted that the economic crisis would bring changes should not overlook that it was the very same institutions who found themselves in bankruptcy, who then proceeded to administer the crisis, i.e. the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

This was the global neoliberal system that proclaimed the “sustainable economic growth” of 5% over the recent decade in Tunisia as an example to be followed. While in general terms it is true that productive capacity and wealth creation increased, the problem was that it did so at the expense of the social majority and for the benefit of a local minority increasingly small and the big European and United States capital. This was a clearly neoliberal and colonial system which benefited the European Union and its members (France, Great Britain, Italy but also Spain).

This was why the EU remained silent about the repeated violations of human rights and the impoverishment of the majority classes. This is also why up until the point when the fall of the regime was clear and certain, the European institutions supported or at least remained silent about the generally repressive policy developed by Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. It is commercial interests and supposed security policies which have marked the European response, once again demonstrating the cynical and double standards to which it has accustomed us, when it refers to other regimes and states not in favour. But it was Tunis, under the Association Agreement in 1995, which became the first Afro-Mediterranean to enter into a project of free exchange of benefits and services with Europe, opening itself to the European market in such juicy areas as petroleum or French tourism, which has in excess of 1,250 firms spread across various sectors. Spanish investment in Tunis climbed to €1.24 million in 2007 alone and it has a free exchange agreement in which it has invested more than €130 millions in credits of Aid and Development Fund. Tunisia is a primary country for the Spanish Aid and Development Agency, according to which Spain and Tunisia are “strategic associates who enjoy the greatest political confidence” (with Ben Ali, of course). And that is also why Spain has projected an image of “normalisation” of the regime which is essential for the commercial development of tourism.

Nor should we forget the role assigned to Tunisia in policies of security and control of migrants, converting it, in accordance with the EMHRN into “the gendarme of Europe” in the Magreb.

In that stuation, the rebellion of Tunisia men and women once again opens the possibility that it may be truly possible to change this situation. A new scenario opens in Tunisia and collectively among the countries of the Magreb through this heroic popular rebellion, a scenario which is not closed and where the conflict remains open between those who desire a return to the fold under the command of the neo-colonial powers and those who seek to recover national sovereignty in order to be able to develop a just and democratic Tunisia.

For those reasons we of the Basque Pro-Independence Left salute the formation of the democratic and popular “January 14 Front”, in which converge communists, socialists, nasserist nationalists and other progressive and democratic forces, seeking among other objectives the putting in place of an interim government bases upon the confidence of the Tunisian people and its popular democratic bases.

We therefore wish to show our solidarity and respect to all those who tragically have given their lives so that the Tunisian people may return to be master of its destiny.

With the Tunisian people for national and social liberation !

Abertzale left

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