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Afrique du Sud : Build Solidarity with NUMSA and the engineering workers

D 10 juillet 2011     H 05:13     A DEMOCRATIC LEFT FRONT     C 0 messages

Workers in South Africa and globally face a sustained attack on their living standards. Workers are also facing a sustained ideological attack for demanding basic rights and conditions. We are told that workers are the cause of unemployment and should therefore curb wage demands because of the economic crisis. The bosses, who have caused the crisis, now want to make workers pay for their global crisis and profit squeeze. NUMSA, the fighting union of metal workers is resisting this attack and leading workers in the struggle for a living wage. The Democratic Left Front (DLF) supports NUMSA and the engineering workers in their demands for a living wage. A 13% wage increase on poverty wages is totally reasonable. The bosses never talk about their unreasonable profit rates.

A victory for the engineering workers will be a victory for all workers, employed and unemployed. We urge NUMSA and COSATU to call solidarity rallies in all communities where the engineering workers live and in other centres. These rallies can start a working class solidarity movement as part of the larger struggle for a living wage and decent work for all !

We say VIVA to engineering workers !

We say VIVA to NUMSA !


Brian Ashley – 082 085 7088

Mazibuko K. Jara – 083 651 0271 & 071 302 3268 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 071 302 3268