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Afrique du sud : NEHAWU condemns racist attacks on African immigrants by racist Israeli Zionists encouraged by Israeli lawmakers

D 9 juin 2012     H 05:54     A NEHAWU     C 0 messages

NEHAWU is deeply angered by the reports of racist attacks on African immigrants by the racist Israeli Zionist protestors in Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Hatikva since last week. These primitive xenophobes are reported to have assaulted, destroyed and looted properties of African immigrants after provocative statements by members of the Israeli Knesset assembly.

Miri Regev an Israeli lawmaker and member of the Knesset called the Sudanese Immigrants a “cancer in our body” during an anti-immigration protest. This was followed by the statements from Danny Danon a member of the Likud party who wrote that “Israel is at war. An enemy state of infiltrators was established in Israel, and its capital is south Tel Aviv."He further proposed that the city’s African residents should be deported to the “detention facilities” and be removed from population centres.

This is further proof that the ruling class of Israeli is composed of bigots and mavericks that are not apologetic about their racists’ inclinations. Their reckless statements are tantamount to a call for public lynching of all black immigrants in Israeli. This is not surprising because they have agitated for and supported the brutal killing of Palestinian women and children for years without reprieve.

We call on the South African government to summon the Israeli ambassador and issue a formal protest because we cannot maintain diplomatic relations with an apartheid state that encourages the lynching of black people. We have a moral responsibility lead in the repudiation of apartheid practices and to demand that all nations uphold international law and acceptable standards of behaviour given our history of racial oppression under the minority rule.

NEHAWU would have expected a country like Israeli ,that never forgets to remind us of the Jewish holocaust, to be outraged by calls for a section of society to be rounded up and sent to “detention centres”. Their naked racism and hypocrisy cannot go unchallenged because they want to have their cake and eat it.

We are horrified and disappointed by the silence of the African Union and the failure of the South African and African media to cover and condemn this barbaric deed by these racist monsters. The international working class needs to be united in fighting this divisive trend because we have the power to defeat it and create a better world free of discrimination and exploitation. The global economic crisis, has seen the emergence of racism, xenophobia, neo-fascist practices and attacks against economic migrants.

The ruling elite and capitalists are encouraging the animosity amongst the working class in order to hide the fact that they are responsible for poverty, joblessness and unemployment that has gripped the world.