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Afrique du Sud : POPCRU supports NUMSA on Bridgestone

D 6 mai 2011     H 04:39     A POPCRU     C 0 messages

POPCRU has joined the millions of workers in South Africa and elsewhere to deplore the ill-treatment of workers as employed to sell their labour power by Bridgestone PTY Ltd.

While the captains of capitalist are living large with superlative degree of choice on rich foods, workers are made to suffer with no pay for many weeks during the Easter long weekend. It is an outrageous act of inhumanity to be meted against workers due to uncalled for lock-outs that denigrate our fellow human beings.

We are calling the Bridgestone PTY Ltd Management to come to its senses and give what is due to all workers affected. Down with super exploitation of workers !

An injury to one is an injury to all !