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Afrique du sud : The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project marches to the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria

D 3 janvier 2011     H 04:52     A Phumzile Mtetwa     C 0 messages

The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project Supports the Commemoration of World AIDS Day by Marching to the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria to demand the immediate release of Chinese AIDS activist, Tian Xi and other Human Rights activists detained in China

The LGEP together with the TAC, COSATU, Section 27 and other organisations join in solidarity with those human rights activists detained in China. Together we raise our voices in demanding their immediate release. We will hand over a petition to the Chinese Ambassador calling for the immediate release of Tian Xi, Hu Jia, Liu Xiabo and many others who are in prison and whose only crime is to defend and promote human rights.

On this day, which marks significant struggle in our country for access to treatment for all, we acknowledge the steps that still need to be taken in South Africa and around the world to uphold human rights and dignity for all.

As we strive to promote our Constitution, and call on the Chinese government to respect human rights in line with its own Constitution and national human rights action plan, we see the failure of our state to do the same by blatantly disregarding the Bill of Rights including non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

We will continue to struggle until our demands are met, both in this case and in our overall struggle for human rights.

Phumzile Mtetwa, Executive Director Lesbian and Gay Equality Project,