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Alexandra Anti-Xenophobia Road Show-Saturday, 26 February 2011

Following the successful workshop organised by the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) on 3rd December 2010 at IDASA in Pretoria, ZEF intends to hold follow-up events and activities in an effort to counter the real threat of xenophobia flare ups. This was agreed by partners and participants at the above mentioned workshop.

In view of recent events of service delivery protests and attacks on migrants’ businesses, the threat of Xenophobia is real, especially so with the advent of the Home Affairs Zimbabwe Document Programme (ZDP) and the deportations that will follow for undocumented migrants.

In this regard, ZEF intends to hold anti-xenophobia events in areas that are potential hot-spots for attacks. Ideally, these would be held monthly to ensure a sustained campaign against xenophobia.

ZEF therefore calls upon the support (in whatever form) of all organisations- the UNHCR, IOM,CoRMSA,JRS and Churches,NGOs, CBOs,Government departments, private individuals and any other entity or to support this worthy cause.

The proposed events would be a roadshow in a chosen area (starting with Alexandra and then others) in an open truck with a PA system (with speakers addressing the public), visit an Orphanage for donations and solidarity to gain local support, and then end up at a central place such as a community hall or a similar public place. Various performances will be held for solidarity and entertainment. Envisaged performances include songs, dance, poetry, music and games from the local and migrant communities.

In order to make this programme effective ZEF will do the following :

1. Choose a team that will spearhead this programme

2. Garner resources to fund the programme

3. Design and prepare event materials (banners, T shirts, pamphlets, stickers etc)

4. Contact relevant organisations eg Police, Churches, Community based organisations, councilors of each of the chosen locations

5. Contact speakers for the events (Eminent persons,community and church representatives from the area)

6. Organise an open truck with PA system and other transport for the convoy

7. Advertise through media,churches, public transport, community platforms (including community radio and newspapers).

8. Hold the event

9. A six part Documentary series will be produced by Fuelmedia

10. Make a report for distribution to various stakeholders, including the community visited and churches.

Lastly, ZEF appeals to all to support this initiative, and sincerely hopes that this programme would be able to access as many parts of South Africa as possible. Below is a list of requirements to conduct an effective and successful event. Please support in any way possible- participation,publicizing, endorsing,networking, printing, etc.

Participating organizations are encouraged to bring their own banners.


Eddie Matsangaise
Programme Manager
Cell : 072 436 5798