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Corrupt SA Politicians

D 29 février 2016     H 05:22     A     C 0 messages

African National Congress activist Denis Goldberg, the only white man to be convicted among 10 people on trial for their lives alongside Nelson Mandela and served 22 years in prison, has called for leaders of the party to be replaced.

"Corruption is a problem. I personally believe, and I will say it publicly as I do in South Africa, the members of the ANC need to renew the leadership from top to bottom. I’m not going to name names, because it’s a problem throughout, from national, provincial and local government level."

The ANC veteran said that "a definite attempt" was now required by ANC members to say "enough is enough" and instigate a leadership clear-out.
"Let us focus on the needs of our people, not on your needs as new political leaders with access to power, and therefore wealth and personal enrichment, which robs us, in a way, of our freedom."

Source from http://socialistbanner.blogspot.com/