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Angola’s Abuse of Congolese Migrant Women

D 20 juillet 2023     H 06:00     A Alice Autin     C 0 messages

How long do people have to suffer for a government to take its responsibility and protect them ?

Looking at the situation of migrant women and girls from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Angola, the answer is : too long.

More than ten years ago, Human Rights Watch documented sexual violence against them, including gang rape and sexual exploitation, during their expulsions from Angola.

Five years ago, we were still calling on the Angolan government to suspend these abusive deportations and investigate the security forces’ violations. 

Last week, the media and a UN investigation reported more such abuses over the past six months. Angolan authorities simply deny everything.

Isn’t a decade of abuse more than enough ?

It’s long past time for Angolan authorities to end their track record of abuses against migrants, and act to protect migrants and refugees, especially women and girls, from harm.

(written by Alice Autin)