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Angola : Two journalists assaulted, threatened at gunpoint after conducting interview with provincial governor

D 9 août 2011     H 04:56     A MISA     C 0 messages

Two journalists working for leading weekly newspapers "Folha 8" and "Angolense" have been assaulted by the governor and threatened at gun point by secret agents while on duty.

Nelson Sul Angola of "Angolense" and Ismael Samalata of "Folha 8" told Voice of America that provincial governor Faustino Muteka assaulted them while they were interviewing him about an ongoing investigation into allegations that members of the People Liberation Movement (MPLA) political party incite violence and murder opposition supporters in the province of Huambo. The governor demanded that they not write anything about the issue if they did not want to face "serious consequences."

Both reporters were approached by individuals from the local secret service while leaving the room where they interviewed the governor. They said the agents forced them out of the room and, while on the street, pointed a gun at them. Before that the officials retained all their personal belongings and detained them for 48 minutes. Their belongings were later returned after copies of their identification documents were made.

Samalata said he is considering a lawsuit against the governor.

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