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Nicki Minaj should be ashamed of herself

D 28 décembre 2015     H 05:04     A     C 0 messages

US rapper Nicki Minaj has gone ahead with a concert in Angola despite a rights group asking her to cancel it. The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) said in a letter that the money to pay her came from "government corruption and human rights violations".

Minaj posted a photo of herself with Angola’s flag on Instagram along with one of her posing with Isabel dos Santos with the words : "She’s just the 8th richest woman in the world. (At least that’s what I was told by someone b4 we took this photo) Lol. Yikes !!!!! GIRL POWER !!!!! This motivates me soooooooooo much !!!!"

Transparency International recently named billionaire, Isabel dos Santos, as one of 15 symbols of grand corruption worldwide.
Minaj’s "girl power" is based upon the political power of the billionaire’s father’s corrupt dictatorship and the exploitation of Angola’s poverty ridden people. Shame on unthinking, uncaring Minaj.

Her performance came a day after a judge ordered the release of 15 Angolan activists, including prominent rapper Luaty Beirao, who were arrested six months ago during a book reading where one of the books on the agenda was about non-violent resistance to repressive regimes. The group will return to court next month for their trial’s conclusion on charges of "rebellion" and attempting to carry out a "coup".