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Botswana : Poll for Student Representative Council (SRC)

D 22 avril 2013     H 05:27     A     C 0 messages

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has noted the results from the just held University of Botswana (UB) Student Representative Council (SRC) in which the UDC-UB won all the seats on offer with huge margins.

We therefore would like to thank the UB student community for electing a student government which is premised on the bringing together of Opposition parties in Botswana to unseat the oppressive and neo-colonialist Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). The results also serve as a warning to all those who have doubted the Umbrella project. Batswana have spoken and are continuing to speak ; they want opposition parties to work together under the UDC banner. The UB community is a microcosm of the Botswana society and therefore its decisions can not be taken lightly.

Lastly we would like to remind and encourage the incoming SRC cabinet under the leadership of Cde Kago Mokotedi that they should in the acquittal of their duties bring the interests of the student community first. They should also ensure that as future leaders of this country they make their voices heared and fight against injustice be it within the country or without.

As we march to the year of changes, 2014, we feel emboldened by these results. This marks the beginning of an end to BDP misrule.