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Botswana : slap on the face of workers

D 16 novembre 2014     H 05:16     A Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC)     C 0 messages

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is grossly concerned by the appointment of four special elected Members of Parliament from Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) .If the appropriate people from BDP were nominated, there would have been no problems. All the four special nominated do not qualify for such nomination.

Mr Eric Molale has failed dismally as Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP). He leaves a seriously demoralised public service workforce. The productivity of the public service has gone down badly during his tenure as PSP. His appointment will further demoralise and lead to the total collapse of the public service workforce, and indirectly affect the private sector as they are serviced by the public service. We do not see productivity improving in the public service as the State President wished in his inauguration speech. Molale failed to add value as PSP, and now the workforce should expect a complete disaster. Molale has been against public service associating itself with party politics and it is now clear that he did not apply what he was preaching.

Molale’s appointment has apparently created an opening for Carter Morupise, the DPSM Director. Morupise’s appointment as PSP spells total collapse of the public service. The man does not know what he is doing in government enclave ! It will not be a surprise for Morupise to victimise the public service workers for almost voting out the BDP.

Kenneth Mathambo’s corruption allegation case at BDC is still smelly in the air. The government investment arm has lost millions, if not billions of pulas due to his direct and indirect influences. The lost billions could have created hundreds of job opportunities as well as building houses for teachers, police, soldiers, etc who are still poorly accommodated. BDC suffered a battered image due to his influence and the workforce has been negatively affected. The current workforce is uncertain of its future at the corporation and this is not a healthy environment for a productive, efficient and effective workforce. Some left due to an unfavourable environment then. Mathambo has no ground to accept this parliamentary nomination as it is not only an embarrassment, but also morally wrong for him, the BDP and the nation at large. He should therefore resign immediately to save himself, BDP and the nation at large.

Mr Kitso Mokaila has been rejected by over 7000 workers, pensioners and the unemployed during the 24 October elections. That rejection means that the nation felt that he was not supposed to be in Parliament. His comeback through the backdoor is a serious insult to the workers and voters in general. As Mokaila is going to be appointed as Minister, this will further dampen the workers’ productive spirit in both the public service and private sector where he will unavoidably meet them as a backdoor Minister. The acute shortage of electricity and water are his failures. There are other capable members from the BDP and other opposition parties who should have been considered as Mokaila has been in parliament for many years.

Dr Unity Dow, like Mokaila, was rejected by over 12 000 workers, unemployed and pensioners in Kgatleng West. This was an emphatic voice by the voters that her voice was not needed in Parliament. As a former High Court judge, Dow should have that moral reminder that backdoor appointment after losing in general elections is not good. If she had not stood, one would not have much qualm with the appointment. As a lawyer, she understands moral issues better and should have outrightly declined the nomination.

The BDP should have nominated other members from the party and not recycle rejects, unless this is just a demonstration that BDP does not have capable people any more.

The current crisis of not swearing in MPs has a negative effect on the workers as there are no Ministers who should be giving direction. This is creating a lot of anxiety on both public and private sector employees as their future is clearly become uncertain. Parliament has long been dissolved and a number of issues are pending awaiting Ministerial intervention.

We call upon all workers to support UDC as it has comprehensive plan to improve their working and living conditions. The BDP and BCP members have also now seen a serious party and should move quickly to a new home. All are welcome to embrace change as it unfolds.

UDC calls upon all workers and Batswana in general to rally behind the national project that they have initiated.

Thank you

Cde Justin Hunyepa

UDC Labour Secretary