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Following the publication last week of LALIT’s Electoral Program on Constitutional changes on 11 May on www.lalitmauritius.org and on our Facebook page, a reader called Yvan Luckhun sent us an interesting response in the comments section of our social media page. He had asked one of the Artificial Intelligence or A.I. applications a question on LALIT’s proposal. The answer shows how far and how fast A.I. has developed since its first steps. It makes interesting reading.

We asked if he would agree to us publishing this piece of research he did on A.I., and he said he would agree.

This is what he asked the AI and what the A.I. replied :

“I [Yvan Luckhun] asked an Ai.


How significantly does Lalit’s proposal bring a positive addition to the current Mauritian Constitution ?

Answer :

LALIT’s proposal brings several significant additions and changes to the current Mauritian Constitution :

1. Protection of Territory and Natural Resources :

LALIT emphasizes the constitutional protection of Mauritian territory, including its waters and smaller islands, and advocates for eventual public ownership of all land and sea within the Republic.

2. Demilitarization and Foreign Influence :

The proposal calls for the expulsion of foreign military bases, including the UK-USA base in Chagos, and bans warships from Mauritian ports. It seeks to ensure Mauritian nationality for all citizens and opposes according nationality based on capital investment.

3. Equality and Rights :

LALIT advocates for equality for all citizens, regardless of class, race, or religion. It emphasizes the importance of fundamental rights, including healthcare, education, housing, and stable employment. The proposal also promotes gender equality, freedom of association, thought, and conscience, and supports freedom of information and expression.

4. Economic and Social Justice :

The proposal calls for democratic control over land-use and capital investment, as well as extending democratic control over the state apparatus and big capital. It aims to protect the environment from pollution and promotes food sovereignty and privacy rights.

Overall, LALIT’s proposal offers a comprehensive framework for constitutional reform that prioritizes the protection of Mauritian sovereignty, the rights of its citizens, and economic and social justice.