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BREAK THE CHAINS of Swaziland’s political prisoners !

Join the campaign, add your voice, and get involved !

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The Communist Party of Swaziland is building a broad-based campaign delinked from any party political affiliation called BREAK THE CHAINS. The aim is to demand the release of political prisoners/detainees in Swaziland. We hope you will consider joining the campaign by contacting us (see below). BREAK THE CHAINS welcomes individual supporters as well as organisations.

BREAK THE CHAINS is a campaign for the unconditional release of political prisoners/detainees in Swaziland. There are currently five activists who are being held without due process on trumped up charges.

They are imprisoned because of their support for the freedom struggle in Swaziland, Africa’s last absolute monarchy. We appeal to you to support BREAK THE CHAINS by making your voice heard to demand the release of the five activists.

We are also linking the campaign demands with an urgent call for the unbanning of political parties and organisations in Swaziland and guarantees on the safe return of political exiles. We must BREAK THE CHAINS of the five imprisoned activists and BREAK THE CHAINS of the Swazi people !

Swaziland faces a massive struggle to achieve democracy in the face of a vile and corrupt regime, under king Mswati III, that presides over the mass poverty of the Swazi people and their suffering the highest HIV-AIDS-TB rates in the world – all this while the regime lives in gross luxury and wastes the country’s resources on vanity projects for the royal elite.

BREAK THE CHAINS to ensure the release of :

1. Amos Mbedze - A South African, member of the ANC, SACP, Umkhonto Wesizwe) arrested in 2008, denied bail ; still on trial since 2010.

2. Bheki Dlamini - SWAYOCO PRESIDENT : arrested in 2010, denied bail, no trial.

3. Zonke Dlamini - SWAYOCO LEADER : arrested in 2010 ; denied bail, no trial since arrested.

4. Maxwell Dlamini - SNUS PRESIDENT : arrested in 2011 ; denied bail, no trial since arrest.

5. Musa Ngubeni – FORMER STUDENT LEADER : arrested in April 2011, denied bailed, no trial since arrest.


We urge you to :

 Send demands to the Swazi government and the king calling for the immediate release of Amos Mbedze, Bheki Dlamini, Zonke Dlamini, Maxwell Dlamini and Musa Ngubeni.

 Raise awareness on the issue of Swaziland’s political prisoners by spreading news of the campaign for their release.

 Raise the issue in your community, trade union branch, Church group, and among your neighbours and friends.

If you are outside Swaziland :

 Issue calls to Swazi diplomatic missions for the release of political prisoners.

 Demand the boycott of Swaziland by the government of the country in which you reside until all political prisoners are released.

 Get your organisation / political party to join the campaign


Goodwill DuPont

Deputy Chairperson & Head of Campaigns CPS

Email : goodwilldpnt@gmail.com

Cell : 079 472 4508 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 079 472 4508