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CPS Winter School to focus on unbanning political parties in Swaziland

D 24 juillet 2014     H 12:03     A CPS     C 0 messages

The Communist Party of Swaziland is proud to announce that it will be holding its annual Winter School, in Mpumalanga (South Africa), over the weekend 25-27 July.

The focus of the school this year is on campaign work, in particular on the priority campaign for the unbanning of all political parties and organisations in Swaziland.

This issue is one for which there is widespread support, not only in the country but internationally.

No country can call itself civilised, hope to develop its potential or accord full citizen rights to its population if it is ruled by an autocracy – in Swaziland’s case an absolute monarchy – and political activity is banned.

The unbanning of political parties and organisations is the most basic demand of the pro-democracy movement in Swaziland.

It is the precondition for building democracy and beginning the reconstruction of Swaziland, which suffers greatly from being systematically looted by the autocracy and the wider ruling class.

Unbanning political parties and movements is also closely linked to demands for freedom of association, assembly and expression, all of which are suppressed in Swaziland.

The CPS Winter School will include participation by activists coming for Swaziland. It will examine how best to develop campaign work in Swaziland’s different urban and rural contexts, and look at what new forms of campaigning we can create.

The education of cadres the CPS provides at its regular schools is a crucial contribution to developing the struggle for democracy, progress, and socialism in Swaziland.