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Global Day of Action for Democracy in Swaziland

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The global day of action which will take place on 7 September 2010 was adopted by the Public launch of the SDC in February, which was the most representative forum bringing together all the key players involved in the Swazi question on both sides of the border. It was meant to generate global focus on the deepening crisis in Swaziland and the need to move beyond words into action for change.

The global day of action means that everyone, everywhere must be involved in some form of action or another to raise the issues facing the people of Swaziland. There are three (3) forms of action expected all over the world and anyone can choose that which is convenient ; Joining the main Global March and related events taking place inside Swaziland (exact place to be announced by SDC Swaziland Chapter) Organising a march to the Swazi embassy or consulate in our various countries or where no such embassy exists, to government offices to raise the demands of the Swazi people Sending messages of solidarity and demand to the Prime Minister’s offices in Swaziland and copying to the SDC.

What can you do to support the cause ?

New ideas around how best to popularise the day, encourage action and inspire more people to join the cause are welcome. Meanwhile, the various activities mentioned herein would benefit from every individual and organisation opting to play their part in doing something that will either result in others taking action or lending support to what has already been indicated herein.

We must organise Swazi Democracy Action Committees to prepare and organise these activities in our own areas and locals. But we encourage even more that we do all within our powers to ensure that everyone is able to go into Swaziland to render practical support, it’s a lifetime experience and all of us must cherish the historic nature of the moment.

The following and other activities are encouraged ; Organise Public meetings and workshops that brings together all organisations of civil society in our own countries to discuss the situation and developments in Swaziland

Prepare leaflets and posters that popularise the day and the demands of the Swazi people for multiparty democracy and an end to the brutal repression, detention and killing of workers and activists by the ruling tinkhundla regime

Organise marches and pickets in the build up towards and during the Global week of action to demand action from your own government and civil society in support of the Swazi people’s demands

Draft petition and submit to your own parliamentarians and local councillors demanding action

Boycott all goods and services to and from Swaziland during that whole week to effect economic pressure against the ruling regime and hit them where it matters the most, their pockets.

Source From COSATU