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People of Swaziland must emulate Tunisia and Egypt

D 13 février 2011     H 05:15     A Lucky Lukhele     C 0 messages

In yet another attempt to ridicule the nation, the king of Swaziland recently told the people at a prayer gathering not to panic as Jesus would intervene on the country’s economic woes. The king said this at a prayer service held at Lozitha Royal residence on Saturday, the 29th of January.

The king, whose state of sobriety was questionable, boasted about having Jesus Christ in him. Preaching that a greedy, polygamous, murderous and muti-worshiping man can have the spirit of Jesus in him amounts to blasphemy. However, His Lunacy was clearly on a mission to fool the public into believing that the solution to their problems lies somewhere in the skies when in fact it lies in their very hands, as the people of Tunisia and Egypt know very well.

Instead of listening to the king’s balderdash, the Swazi people need to force the king out of their country. This man will not be affected one bit by the country’s economic collapse. At the moment all government ministries, including those responsible for social issues such as health, have been forced to scale down their budgets by 24%. Meanwhile royal expenditure remains unaffected by this and will continue to increase. All this expenditure is meant to pamper a family that has its own personal sources of income both within the country and outside. This means that even if the government would no longer have enough to give to the king he would still be able to live in opulence.

Lucky Lukhele, SSN Spokesperson