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Swaziland : 4th Annual National Conference Declaration of CPS

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The 4th Annual National Conference of the Communist Party of Swaziland ended 07 April 2015 shortly before the 4th Anniversary of the inaugural congress of the Party in 2011.

The conference reflected on the growing state of repression in the country and the alarming situation of social ruin among the working class and poor under the Mswati dictatorship. Our country is being steadily degraded under the monarchic autocracy.

The CPS delegates assessed that the regime remains firm in continuing to rule by oppression, and is refusing to move towards democracy, despite assurances to the outside world that it is. This is simply a buying time tactic by the regime, as it cannot wish away the growing opposition of wider sections of the population calling for freedom in Swaziland. The oppressed, workers in particular, continue to struggle for their economic and political rights for their share in the economy and political freedom.

Conference recognised aggravation of exploitation of the workers and people in the countryside. The merciless exploitation of rural workers and the rural economy continues unabated.. More land is being expropriated by imperialist countries and the royal elite to raise money to sustain the regime.

Worker’s hard earned income is being depleted by the autocracy through heavy taxes, the high costs of food, education, transport and communications, while Mswati and his family are in many cases executive shareholders to companies providing these necessities. Electricity and water tariffs are also a heavy drain on low incomes. Our people are forced into a downward cycle of indebtedness.

The CPS analysed the the growing resistance by the working class and poor in the country. The workers and are increasingly challenging the regime against state orchestrated impoverishment. The regime arrogantly dismisses the outcry of the people and victimise those who lead the mobilisation. The regime is responding with more repression and suppresses further the free operation of the trade unions movement by banning it for contributing to a political solution to the obvious political problems of Swaziland that affect them direly.

The regime is intensifying its clampdown on the pro democracy movement and its allies including the resistance on the part of much of the rural population. Meetings and gatherings of workers are brutally dissolved by lawless state security forces under Mswati’s instructions.

The conference observed that Mswati is making the situation for all those who fight for genuine democracy in Swaziland to be miserable. The regime brutalises, intimidates, unlawfully detains, imprisons and forces others to exile. He demonstrates resolved to keep Swaziland under his dictatorship and subjugate everyone to his family tyranny. He wants to keep the pro democracy movement to bully or belly, not effective enough to challenge his tyranny.

The workers and poor peasants are where the regime’s offensive is being directed to now as the momentum from the other non-working class forces of the pro-democracy movement has been reduced. The workers and poor are now vulnerable to what Mswati calls a final offensive against the opposition in order to persist unchallenged.

Conference realised that there is a need for the CPS to mobilise courageously the workers and the entire working class to step up the resistance and encourage all sections of the pro democracy movement to remain firm and join forces with the workers and reject the disaster of the Mswati and his tinkundla regime.

The conference declared the Mswati illegal authority must be pushed to a corner where it will be difficult to survive.

Conference affirmed the call for a concerted campaign of defiance against the Mswati dictatorship.

- The banning of organisations and gatherings must be challenged by organising politically for our political freedoms and rights whilst we protest against the escalating political repression.

- Campaign against exploitation in the work place and the expropriation of land by the Mswati family and imperialist. Mobilise against Job losses, poor working conditions, low wages, land evictions and induced poverty.

- Demand an end to the royal looting of state funds and demand for the dissolution of the parasitic puppet parliament. Protest against royal budget and royal vanity projects and wasteful celebrations and call for public service to the people. Object the swindling of workers pension and savings funds by the autocracy.

- Call for an end of political persecutions and release of political prisoners and detainees. Call for the suspension of Swaziland from democratic bodies internationally until democracy is achieved.

- Campaign for the isolation of the Mswati regime and sanctions against Mswati, his family and ruling elite by progressive governments. Encourage international tourist, sports and cultural visits to Swaziland.

- Boycott all royal summons and activities. Defy fines imposed by the Mswati authority to defiant communities, individuals and families. We must reject imposition of any form of authority over our lives.

We need to organise with more vigour to repel oppression and exploitation by defying the regime and run it ungovernable. This will help strengthen and spread our organised resistance, help develop consciousness to the majority oppressed and draw to action the most isolated sections of the oppressed people.

We must demand for the unbanning of political parties by openly calling for an end of political persecutions, banning of meetings and demand for our rights and freedoms to organise and assemble. Continue to organise political meetings and trade union activities under TUCOSWA and its affiliates.

The CPS will work for unity among all anti-regime forces for the total rejection of the Mswati autocracy in all its forms, and will mobilise solidarity efforts from neighbouring countries and beyond to expose the reality of the situation in Swaziland and to call for radical change.

Down with the Mswati royal tyranny !

Long live democracy

Forward to freedom and Socialism

Forward with defiance of the Mswati despot

Kenneth T. Kunene
General Secretary

Mobile : +27 72 594 3971