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Swaziland : SNUS demands release of union leader

D 26 avril 2011     H 04:40     A Swaziland National Union of Students     C 0 messages

The Swaziland National Union of Students has called for the unconditional release of our President Maxwell Dlamini and our member Musa Ngubeni.

Not very long ago the state charged about eight comrades and called them bomb suspects but were later released on bail but five years after their arrests there has not been even one attempt at commencing their trial to determine their guilt or otherwise.

They are today permanent suspects denied rights and benefits as the state intensifies its persecution of political activists. Just recently PUDEMO President was arrested for ten months and released after dismal showing by the state when his trial commenced at the High Court. These are not the only political activists to be harassed in this manner.

For a long time now, Swaziland National Union of Student Maxwell Dlamini has been under police surveillance monitoring and at one time was even summoned by the commissioner of the police wherein our President refused to go there. Two days before the April 12 2011, our President was arrested at a road block mounted at Sidvwashini on his way home from a meeting in South Africa. The police refused to tell us where he was what charges he was facing if any. They were busy. No charges were laid against him until he was released on Tuesday evening only to be re arrested on Wednesday afternoon, now charged with being found with explosives.

We the students of Swaziland fully understanding the political situation in Swaziland are convinced that the charges laid upon our president are a smokescreen to divert attention and divide the students who have of late been very vocal about democracy and the right to education for all. We condemn in the strongest possible manner the harassment, torture and beating of peaceful citizens on April 12 and we condemn further arrest of our leaders on flimsy charges meant to derail his education and bright political career. We have been informed that our President was tortured while behind bars and we wish to register our disgust at this treatment by these royal hit squads.

Our President is expected to be writing his examination very soon and we believe the regime wants to have him fail and expelled so that it can set an example on what happens when you challenge this evil government. If that is what they hope to achieve then I am afraid the reverse will happen. We unapologetically stand supportive of our President and call upon the world to condemn this government for destroying the future of 21 year old boy whose cry has been freedom for his brothers and sisters.

We say to the world the time has come to all and everything for the success of the revolution and the students are prepared to lead in the front.