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D 23 septembre 2016     H 05:12     A     C 0 messages

Dear Prospective 2016 graduates.

It is with a heavier heart that i opine that no individual from the Mars be it the Jupiter shall ever pay a visit to our a million problems stricken country,Zimbabwe and freely delivers lectures to you to understand that with this current world class unemployment rate strictly no pride should be reaped from wearing a graduation gown.

Preliminary education should whisper into all our conscience that only employment opportunities for all are worth celebrating.Lest my submissions get mistaken as the parent of noisy anti government propaganda,allow me to put things into perspective.It requires one to invest more than 10 000 US to complete a 3 year degree programme not to mention costs attached to primary and secondary education.Surely where on earth have you seen such an investment more so that one doesn’t have any hope to get employed any time sooner.

Time has come that there is dire need than ever before for us all of us as future leaders to act today such that there is preservation for tomorrow.Surely it would be the mother self betrayal for us to celebrate our world class unemployment rate as authored by power gangsters in our government.Lest we forget Mr Robert Mugabe,the accredited authour of our suffering is also the Chancellor of all State Universities.

Only in 2016 can we be in a position to set a precedent that no employment opportunities for us all no graduation ceremonies as led by self important apparatchiks in form of chancellors.A chancellor who ruthlessly submitted that graduates should be employers and employees should not by chance be given a platform to display his long untrimmed toxic governance tradition.Lets start with University of Zimbabwe on the 29TH OF September 2016.When asked to rise no one should comply,we should all remain seated demanding our jobs.


I thank you.