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Zimbabwe : solidarity action in South africa

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The ‘crime’ – watching footage of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings. 46 Zimbabweans have been held for six days and were charged with treason and ‘attempting to subvert a constitutional government’ because they attended a meeting, called by the International Socialist Organisation, to discuss the revolutions in North Africa.

Those jailed include trade unionists, a former MDC MP, student leaders, and several HIV-positive woman. The HIV positive people have been denied access to their medication. At least seven of the 46 were tortured in custody, beaten with broomsticks and the like.

This is bigger than the ill-treatment of 46 human rights activists. It seems the Zimbabwe regime wants to make an example of these activists as part of a growing crackdown.

Part of the evidence presented in court was a leaflet advertising the meeting which stated one of the meetings aims was to express solidarity with the peoples struggle for liberation in Tunisia and Egypt. Enthusiasm about the power of ordinary people to topple the despots running these countries in their economic interests has now become a crime in Zimbabwe.

We appeal that South African government adds its voice to the pressure for their release. The Zimbabwean government has to be spoken to loudly about its frequent and constant return to repression and intimidation. Our government needs to get straight to the point and criticise the naked abuse of state power, and the human rights violations taking place daily in Zimbabwe by Mugabe.

We know Mugabe is returning to his old strategy of using the might of the state to grind down all opposition. The massacres in Matabeleland in the early 1980s weakened ZAPU to the extent where it ended up joining the government on Mugabe’s terms.

Today he wants to grind down anyone likely to oppose his continued rule. He is the same as Gadhafi who has brought in mercenaries in a bid to stay in power at all costs.

For this reason he has attacked anything that moved, this being our friends and comrades who dared to show a film about the uprisings in the Middle East.

Enough Is Enough

Put an end to Mugabe’s Dictatorship – Stand in solidarity with the Zimbabwe 46

THIS SATURDAY 26 Feb, 11am, Highpoint in Hillbrow, picket and leaflet for next protest

And save the date WEDNESDAY 2 March lunchtime at the Zimbabwe consulate 20 Anderson street. More details to follow. Please spread the word widely. Bring placards, banners, letters of protest