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Ouganda : WALK TO WORK CAMPAIGN DAY 4 : Live updates

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Posted Thursday, April 21 2011 at 13:15

14:50 EAT : Police have confirmed the death of a two-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet after walk to work demonstrators and security forces clashed this morning in Nyendo, Masaka district. “The child was hit by a stray bullet and died at hospital,” said Noah Sserunjogi, Southern Region police spokesperson. Sserunjogi said the child, who he identified as Julian Nalwanga, was shot after police tried to dispel the angry demonstrators by shooting warning bullets into the air. "We also tried to use a bit of tear gas, but it was in vain," he said.

According to Sserunjogi, the two police officers who were set upon by the crowd are recovering at Masaka hospital. They are currently recieving treatment.

14 : 20 EAT : FDC Party president Dr. Kizza Besigye has been transferred to Nakasongola civil prison after being charged with unlawful assembly. Dr. Besigye will next appear in court to answer to this charge on Wednesday April 27. DP President Norbert Mao was transferred earlier to the same prison this morning. Mao’s court date is for May 2nd.

13:16 EAT : At least seven people have sustained serious gunshot wounds this morning in Masaka where police opened fired with live rounds to disperse protestors during the walk-to-work camapign. Several others suffered injuries in the clamp-down which also left a 4-year-old dead. The child died after being shot in the head and ribs. Reports also say two policemen were badly beaten and, according to eye witness accounts, may have died from the injuries sustained although police sources are denying that they have lost any personnel. The police say the officers were taken to hospital but could not tell journalists which hospital.

12:10 EAT : Columns of soldiers have filed into Masaka town centre as an uneasy calm returns. The Nyendo area of Masaka where two police officers were attacked and badly beaten – possibly leading to their death – is also returning to an uneasy calm. The morning’s running battles between the police and protestors participating in the walk to work campaign claimed the life of a four-year-old child who was shot in the head and ribs after police opened fire with live rounds into a crowd of civilians. Two adults were injured in this same shooting incident. Other reports say civilians mobbed two police officers and badly beat them up leading to their suspected death, although the area police spokesman, Noah Serunjonjji, disputes the suggestion that his colleagues have been killed.

11:45 EAT : Kampala City centre is reported to under fire as police battle opposition supporters who are protesting the arrest of their leaders, Nobert Mao and Kizza Besigye. Former DP parliamentary candidate Eddie Yawe has been intercepted at Post Office. He had a crowd of supporters moving along Kampala Road reportedly headed to Luzira Maximum Prisons to demand the immediate release of Mao and his co-accused. People are clearing out of town as the protestors carrying placards complaining about the rising food prices engage the police. Teargas is being fired.

11:30 EAT : Dr Besigye has just been produced in a fully packed Nabweru Court. Journalists, members of his Forum for Democratic Change party and security operatives all crowd into the courtroom. Daily Monitor’s John Njoroge says the situation outside the court premises is tense as a growing crowd faces-off with police, army and other security individuals.

10:35 EAT : UPC Party leader Ambassador Olara Otunnu successfully walks to work escorted by Police. Otunnu was met by a police force led by Afande Alphonsi Mutabazi from Jinja road police station just outside Nakawa Main Market at around 9:10am. After a brief argument, Otunnu was allowed to walk to Uganda House where the UPC party headquarters are located. Mutabazi was subsequently congratulated by his boss IGP General Kale Kayihura.

10:25 EAT : Heavy military and police deployment outside Nabweru Court in Bwaise, a Kampala suburb, where Dr Besigye is most likely going to appear. Journalists have been barred from getting anywhere near the court building. A crowd is gathering alongside the roadside as the army patrols in two armoured vehicles and a light infantry vehicle. Daily Monitor journalists on the scene indicate that the court authorities may be waiting for the file from the DPP’s office before they proceed. It is not clear what crime he is going to be charged with.

9:30 EAT : IPC spokesperson and Kyadondo North MP-elect Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda has been arrested at Kireka as during his walk to work protest

8:50 EAT : The Uganda prisons spokesperson Mr Frank Beine has told Daily Monitor that Democratic Party leader Mr Nobert Mao and his co accused were taken overnight and some on Thursday morning to Nakasongola prison because of the threats of some of their supporters to walk and camp at Luzira prison in protest. “For the security of other prisoners and himself, we took him far from here but we shall produce him later when the time to return court is due,” Mr Beine said.

7:30 EAT : A Daily Monitor journalist reports that Police have arrested FDC leader Dr Kizza Besigye for the third time this month and fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of Besigye’s supporters marching beside him after he disembarked from his car near Kalerwe Market to continue the walk-to-work demonstration. Dr. Besigye was charged earlier this week with inciting violence in protests over price rises and released on bail.

Source from http://www.monitor.co.ug