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Uganda’s Food Crisis

D 22 octobre 2017     H 04:08     A     C 0 messages

11 million Ugandans (30 per cent) eat food described as “unacceptable” inferior in quality (nutrients) and volume (amounts). human development, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) has said.

This means that those Ugandans are likely to be undernourished or are easy targets for diseases. It also points to just how bad acute food insecurity is in the country today.

As many as three million Ugandans (8 per cent) eat the poorest food not fit for human consumption.

Also, as many as 8.4 million (22 per cent) were on the borderline between good and bad food.

“Fighting malnutrition is critical to the country’s food security situation since this condition is responsible for the deaths of many Ugandans, reduced agricultural productivity and poverty, among others,” said Ubos

According to the 2011 Uganda Nutrition Action Plan, inadequate dietary intake is the main driver of malnutrition, especially due to seasonality in food production, earning patterns, and variability in food prices.
Ubos found that the number of Ugandans living below the poverty line has increased to 10 million people in 2016/17, from 6.6 million three years ago.

Source from http://socialistbanner.blogspot.fr