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Djibouti : Teacher trade unionist sentenced to prison

D 1er février 2016     H 05:04     A CSI     C 0 messages

The sentencing of Omar Ali Ewado, the Deputy General Secretary of the Union of Primary School Teachers in Djibouti, to three months in prison follows relentless government harassment since December of last year.

Brother Ewado, who is also the President of the Human Rights League of Djibouti, has been targeted by the courts since a list of victims who disappeared following the security forces-led massacre on 21 December 2015 was published.

He was arrested on 29 December, and was transferred to the central prison in Gabode two days later.

In a letter to Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh, Education International General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen stated that, "It is unacceptable that Mr. Ewado be punished for his legitimate activities as a human rights defender."

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Eric Lee