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Kenya - Doctors’ Strike : President Ruto’s Hypocrisy Exposed

D 19 avril 2024     H 17:38     A Communist Party of Kenya     C 0 messages

The Communist Party of Kenya stands in resolute solidarity with the striking doctors and workers across Kenya, condemning the bourgeoisie state’s flagrant disregard for the rights and well-being of the working class.

President Ruto’s administration, serving the interests of big capital, has prioritized the enrichment of the elite while neglecting the basic needs of the people. President Ruto’s plea for doctors to "live within our means" while simultaneously pandering to big capital is a stark display of hypocrisy. While urging austerity measures on the working class, his administration has been showering concessions upon domestic and foreign capitalists. Despite claiming financial constraints, Ruto’s government has been eagerly borrowing exorbitant sums from international financial institutions like the IMF, totaling a staggering Ksh223.5 billion in just five months. These funds are not allocated to essential services like healthcare or education but are instead funneled into projects that serve the interests of the wealthy elite and foreign investors.

Furthermore, Ruto’s administration has enacted policies favoring big capital, both domestic and foreign, at the expense of the working class. The Finance Act 2023/2024 granted tax relief to investors on capital gains and company income, while simultaneously burdening workers with increased taxes on salaries and basic commodities. This blatant favoritism towards the wealthy elite exacerbates income inequality and further marginalizes the already oppressed working class.

President Ruto’s assertion that borrowing money to pay salaries is unsustainable rings hollow in the face of his administration’s reckless borrowing practices. It is evident that these borrowed funds are not intended to alleviate the plight of workers or improve public services but rather to sustain the government’s lavish spending and advance the interests of the ruling elite.

The current doctors’ strike, rooted in unjust salary cuts and delayed postings, is a testament to the systemic oppression faced by workers in Kenya. The government’s attempts to divide and weaken the unions only highlight its fear of organized resistance against its neoliberal agenda.

The demands of the striking doctors are clear : fair salaries, payment of salary arrears, timely postings of medical interns, and an end to the neoliberal policies that prioritize the interests of the elite over those of the working class.

The government’s refusal to honor past agreements and implement court orders further demonstrates its disdain for the rule of law and the well-being of its citizens.

In response to the strike, the government has employed various tactics to undermine the workers’ demands, including pleading poverty, attempting to divide the unions, and threatening disciplinary action against striking workers. However, the resilience and unity of the workers remain unshakeable in the face of these oppressive tactics.

The Communist Party of Kenya calls upon the Kenya Kwanza administration, specifically Mr. Ruto, to initiate an immediate process to address the dire plight of healthcare workers or face a general strike and total workers’ uprising.

The CPK also calls upon all Kenyans to join the ongoing doctors’ strike, as the only language this administration comprehends is street action.

We also call upon student unions to mobilize their members and join the doctors’ strike in solidarity. Students represent a vital voice in our society, and their support will significantly bolster the cause for fair and just healthcare practices. By standing together, students and healthcare workers can send a powerful message to the government, advocating for the rights and well-being of all citizens. Together, we can create a united front that demands action and brings about meaningful change.

Ultimately, only the overthrow of the neocolonial government and the establishment of a national democratic government that prioritises the interests of the people over those of foreign capital will begin the process of bringing justice to the majority. Only a socialist republic can adequately respond to the crisis of capitalism in our country.

We urge all workers and peasants to unite in preparation for a general strike against President Ruto’s anti-people regime.

Workers of the world, unite !

You have nothing to lose but your chains !

Issued by Booker Ngesa Omole, on behalf of the Central Organising Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya of the Majority.